Kansas City Not-So-Secret Recording: Country Club Plaza Starbucks Shut Down Groaning

Haven't listened to the whole thing yet but we're pretty sure that there's the sound of a quick call to dad in order to send more money.

Moreover . . . 

We kinda feel sorry for baristas because they think their story is newsworthy and/or they seem to mistakenly believe that they're the first people to have union organizing backfire.

Here are the basics . . .

Baristas and supervisors, dubbed partners by Starbucks, were instructed to gather around the marble table for an impromptu meeting with district manager Trena Cruz, store manager Eric Schmidt and members of corporate leadership who appeared on Zoom.

They were told the Plaza Starbucks was closed — for good. Unsuspecting customers were waved away.

No more regulars. No more coffee. No more “partners” at the Plaza.

Some of what follows come from a recording of the meeting . . .

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How the Plaza Starbucks Closure Went Down, As Told by Workers

It was a sleepy summer Monday on Kansas City's Country Club Plaza. Regulars dropped by the stuccoed Starbucks on the corner of Nichols Road. A "caramel macchiato, hold the whip" order here. A "double shot of espresso" there. But afternoon regulars were in for a shock. The clock ticked 3:30 p.m.

State rep criticizes Starbucks for shutting down plaza location

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - After employees gathered outside of a Starbucks location on the Country Club Plaza Tuesday to protest the closing of the coffee shop, Missouri representative Patty Lewis released a statement Wednesday condemning the company for its behavior.

Plaza Starbucks workers to soon learn more about their future

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Starbucks workers at the Country Club Plaza location say they should find out more about their employment situation Thursday after their store closed Monday afternoon. "They told me I'd be taken care of," Barista Josh Crowell said while protesting outside his store Wednesday.