Kansas City Monkeypox Vaxx Stays Winning

Thankfully . . . It seems like efforts to prevent another nasty plague from taking hold are working.

Here's just a bit of good news which reveals that dangerous random hookups are slightly safer and somewhat less degrading . . . Check-it . . .

Local officials have been talking to the federal government to let them know when vaccines are needed here, says Michelle Pekarsky, the public information officer of the Kansas City Missouri Health Department. There have been a handful of local cases but no epidemic and changes to the way the vaccine is being administered have made more vaccines available.

“We are in better shape since the Food and Drug Administration issued emergency use authorization for intradermal injection for individuals eighteen years of age or older.”

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What you need to know about Monkeypox vaccination in Kansas City

The monkeypox vaccine is now available locally. Those who are interested in receiving the vaccine can complete the online eligibility survey that can be found on the Kansas City Missouri Health Department.