Kansas City Metro COVID Numbers Dip Slightly As Monkeypox Becomes The New Hotness

Here's a bit of pandemic hope in the metro . . .

Meanwhile . . . The ever-loving monkey sickness is gaining steam . . .

"Johnson County moved from the high category all the way to the low category since last week’s update. Wyandotte County went from the high category to the medium category.The picture was unchanged on the Missouri side of the Kansas City area. Jackson and Cass counties both remain in the CDC’s high COVID-19 level."

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Johnson, Wyandotte counties improve on latest CDC COVID levels map

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas both moved out of the high category in Thursday's update of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's COVID-19 Community Levels map . Johnson County moved from the high category all the way to the low category since last week's update .

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Docs Urge Calm as Right-Wingers Lie About Kids and Monkeypox

With the American monkeypox outbreak in a state of uncontrolled spread, public health authorities are concerned that outdated science and bad-faith scapegoating are combining forces to frighten parents about the epidemic's threat to their children. Epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists and public health authorities are in near-universal agreement that the current outbreak appears to pose low risk to kids at the moment.

CDC estimates 1.7 million gay and bisexual men face highest risk from monkeypox

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates about 1.7 million men who have sex with men face the biggest threat from monkeypox right now. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky told reporters on a call Thursday that gay and bisexual men who are HIV positive or who are taking medicines, called PREP, to reduce their chance of contracting HIV face the greatest health risk from monkeypox.

What To Know About Monkeypox Risk For Dogs (Or Cats)

As cases of monkeypox in the US grow, it isn't totally unreasonable to wonder what risks, if any, our furry friends face as they hunker down at home with their infected owners. The bad news: We don't know if dogs or cats can get monkeypox from people, according to the CDC.

Kansas doctors stress need to stay vigilant as monkeypox becomes a public health emergency - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Kansas doctors are hoping to combat misinformation and general fatigue toward infection control protocols as a new public health emergency emerges, this time for monkeypox. COVID-19 cases have leveled out the past few weeks in Kansas, and heat maps nationwide show similar trends, but the public health emergency remains with warnings about new variants.

Monkeypox can't use the same at-home testing playbook as COVID-19

After two years of COVID-19, the conversation around monkeypox testing gives off an unnerving sense of deja-vu. The similarities are right there: painful swabs, the struggle to even find a test, bottlenecks, and a long wait for results.

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