This morning Kansas City's 12th & Oak honcho restarts the police funding argument that he, basically, lost last year. 

This time around . . . He'll be debating the Hancock Amendment with Missouri politicos and arguing against a funding increase for KCPD. 

It's a bad look but probably better that he get this out of the way before election season really gets going. 

A few things to consider . . .

- The newspaper noted the Hancock funding issue earlier in the year and insiders aren't sure the argument will stand up. In the end, this is all up to a judge's interpretation of how the law applies.

- All of this might be a moot point given a police funding increase ballot initiative that'll soon confront Missouri voters. 

- Again . . . Advocating against more cash for police isn't a good look . . . Especially when that argument hinges on a legal technicality. 

Here's the mayor's main point . . .

“The radical legislation provides no pay guarantees for our officers, will not hire a single police officer, and ignores the will and importance of Kansas City taxpayers, instead attempting to politicize policing in Kansas City at a time we sorely need bipartisan solutions to violent crime," Lucas said.

The mayor's office indicates it will file the lawsuit Wednesday morning.

“We will take all steps necessary to oppose the statewide tax increase amendment applying only to Kansas Citians and to stand up for the rights of our taxpayers, and we will continue to work locally with our police department to build a safer Kansas City," Lucas said.

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Kansas City mayor sues Missouri over police funding bill

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas is suing the state of Missouri and the Board of Police Commissioners challenging senate bill 678, which increases the allocation of the city's general revenue from 20% to 25% for the police department. Lucas said the bill is in violation of the Hancock Amendment.

Kansas City sues state of Missouri over police funding

Kansas City, Missouri officials have filed a lawsuit challenging a new Missouri law dealing with the the funding of the Kansas City police department.SB 678 requires Kansas City to use 25% of it general revenue each fiscal year on the city's police department.

Kansas City mayor sues Missouri over police funding

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas has filed a lawsuit against the state over continued police funding issues, saying the city will have to increase taxes to pay for any increased funding of the police department.