Kansas City MARC Economist Denies Inflation Spike After Student Loan Bailout

For those who don't know . . . MARC loves every bad idea Kansas City has to offer when it comes to raising taxes, killing traffic and doing our very best to try and mimic Norway. 

Sure, Norway is nice . . . But local scumbags to give up their guns and behave like the industrious Scandinavian people is a fanciful idea.

Still . . . Americans will always the world in political bluster and trash talk . . . Accordingly, this debate over economic impact of a recent policy decision is worth a peek . . .

The president's action is being criticized by Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas.

Marshall, a Republican, stated on his Twitter account the decision was "unfair" and would "exacerbate inflation."

KSHB 41 asked economist Frank Lenk if the debt cancellation could fuel inflation.

“I don’t think so," Lenk said. “What’s being forgiven is what’s already been forgiven for the past two or three years, so if it’s going to have an inflationary impact, we might have already been having it."

Lenk is chief economist for the Mid-America Regional Council.

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Economist weighs in on whether student loan cancellations will fuel inflation

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - President Biden's plan to cancel some student loan debt is making borrowers happy, but some worry about the proposal's effect on inflation. "It is going to have a big impact on me," said Katie Camlin. "It makes me less anxious about the payments starting up again for sure."