Kansas City Housing Market Kinda Crashes

Our blog community predicted an end to the local housing market bubble earlier in the year . . . And it's not official yet (never will be) but still pretty much common knowledge. 

Here's something else for my J-students to consider . . . An EPIC Chinese company is taking global markets and it's nearly impossible to write about this tragic & unfair topic without offending somebody. Cypher that one for awhile.  

Right now . . .

Check our progressive friends gleaning from our TKC first journalism . . .

After the Federal Reserve started hiking interest rates, pending sales for new homes in Kansas City dropped by over 30%. But the market hasn’t gotten easier for prospective buyers, with home prices still at record highs.

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Interest rate hikes are making Kansas City's real estate market 'savagely unhealthy'

Andy and Stephanie Scoates have moved every few years since they came to the U.S. more than two decades ago - most recently from Oklahoma to Kansas City. They've spent more than a month searching for a house to buy in the metro.