Kansas City Hotel Marketing Gurus Advise Against Selling To Po'Folk?!?

A quick consideration of hottie Bella balancing her books whilst living the luxury good life inspires an uncomfortable realization . . . Like it or not . . . Selling to po'folk isn't a winning strategy.

Accordingly . . .

Check industry advice from a local marketing powerhouse which seemingly hopes the hospitality industry can withstand hard times by focusing their efforts on a smaller segment of the market that still holds all the cash . . . Sadly, this DOES NOT include any of the d-bags who read this blog . . .

MMGY Global, based in Kansas City, Missouri, has “400 plus” employees in its offices worldwide across nine brands.

“We’re working on three acquisitions that would take us well beyond 550 [employees],” president and incoming CEO Katie Briscoe said.

MMGY Global expects there’s going to be some shrinking in demand, but the impact will be manageable.

“Yes, there’s a pandemic and an energy crisis and inflation,” Briscoe said. “But marketing opportunities often present themselves in times of challenge.”

As context, the types of people who travel tend to self-select as having more disposable income and stable jobs than the average citizen in a country. So travel spending may be more resilient during a garden variety recession than generic bad news headlines might suggest.

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Hotel Marketers Shouldn't Panic About Economic Uncertainty

The incoming CEO of MMGY Global, a travel marketing agency, is advising hotel clients not to let their marketing get whipsawed by every fluctuating news headline. Smart marketing is an underlooked component of hotel development. When investors are pitched on hotel brands to buy, they often look at a brand's marketing savvy as a key factor.