Kansas City Health Dept. Manager Shares Dire Monkeypox Warning: It's Here

Local vaxx distribution for a new virus is taking hold.

Meanwhile, public health warnings hope to urge vulnerable groups to take the virus seriously . . .

“The switch from being a theoretical thing to it being a no, it's here, it can be very scary for a lot of people,” said Chip Cohlmia, communicable disease prevention division manager for the Jackson County Health Department.

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Monkeypox vaccine eligibility limited by supply in Kansas City area

As monkeypox cases climb across the country, the first probable case has emerged in Eastern Jackson County, Missouri. KMBC 9 spoke with the Jackson County Health Department about efforts to contain the spread, and why vaccinations are limited right now.

Again, we want to note that this is a serious plague and music helps us remember.

< p>And so, we can only hope this classic tune from The Rolling Stones helps keep the Monkeypox threat in the minds of locals . . . Take a look/listen . . .