Kansas City East Side Parade Park Housing Co-Op Fades Into The Past

If we are to believe Christmas movies and political rhetoric, the idea of offering people ownership in housing they couldn't otherwise afford is a big part of the American dream.

Sadly, the idea of community investment & home ownership is starting to quickly fade . . . Another example . . .

"As Kansas City’s first Black-owned housing co-op, Parade Park helped residents pursue the American Dream of owning a home and building a community. But after 60 years, it’s uncertain if it can survive foreclosure and redevelopment."

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Parade Park offered Black Kansas City families a share of home ownership. Now it's crumbling

Tucked between Woodland and Brooklyn Avenues in Kansas City's famed 18th and Vine District sits Parade Park Homes, a neighborhood thought to be one of the nation's oldest Black-owned housing co-ops.