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Kansas City Continues Street Repaving Grudge Match With Spire

This game of chicken is still going strong despite social media pleasantries.

Here's the word for right now . . .

Confirmed on Monday that the city would still hold up the permits until the company completed other projects. That includes work being done at 27th Street, 31st. Street, Gillham Road, and finishing touches on Linwood.

“We will look for resolution that complies with our ordinances and is considerate of the investment Kansas City taxpayers have committed to our roadways,” a city spokesperson wrote.

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KCMO continues hold of Spire permits over resurfacing work

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Spire will not be able to pull work permits in Kansas City until it completes several street resurfacing projects. It's part of the city's ongoing effort to coordinate with utilities on road repairs.