Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Displays Skillz Despite Doubt

From left handed, no-look passes to god-like adoration in general . . . Kansas City's favorite baller seems to be starting up the hype machine early . . . Even amid increasing doubt.

Here's another glimpse at his greatness . . .

Mahomes, in his worst statistical season as a professional starting quarterback, still had a higher quarterback rating than Tom Brady’s career rating. His interception percentage last year—2 percent—would, if he maintained that pace his whole career, be the ninth-best percentage in history. (He’s tied for second all time in the stat, by the way.) “If it was a slump,” said Andy Reid, who clarified that’s a big if, “it was a good slump.”

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The Lessons Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs Learned From Their Weirdest Season

Patrick Mahomes's football problems are typically good problems to have. We were talking on a rainy training camp day last week about the worst stretch of his career-the first 10 weeks of last season and how it changed him.

No one wants to bet on the Chiefs, who have won the AFC West six straight years, to win the AFC West again

The Kansas City Chiefs have been one of the NFL's greatest teams since the mid-2010s. Behind their greatness is arguably the game's best quarterback in Patrick Mahomes, an other-worldly tight end in Travis Kelce, and the eventual (presumably) Hall of Fame head coach that is Andy Ried.

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