Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Promotes Private Jet Pollution

Behind the scenes we have a peek at protest that might be doomed but makes an excellent point nevertheless . . .


First, let's take a peek at the problem . . .

Private aircraft still emit more than 33m tonnes of greenhouse gases, more than the country of Denmark, and because they carry so few people they are five to 14 times more polluting than commercial planes, per passenger, and 50 times more polluting than trains, researchers have found.

“These startlingly short flights show the immense impact of the wealthy in overall aviation emissions,” said Scott Hochberg, an attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity’s Climate Law Institute.

“The problem starts at the top with Kylie Jenner and other celebrities with private jets, which have a much larger impact than commercial aircraft on a per passenger basis. But it also includes many others, as the US constitutes the bulk of the wealthy elite that have the luxury of flying.”

A quick OFF-RECORD comment from an activist sent our way . . .

"If we really want to make Kansas City environmentally friendly and a leader against climate change . . . Then why aren't we holding our biggest stars accountable for promoting selfish industries that burn fossil fuels at an alarming rate???" 

The criticism continued . . . 

"Patrick Mahomes has been pivotal in pushing this industry locally but nobody wants to call him out on it. That's a shame. Most of his fans don't have the money to take a ride on those planes but he's helping to support an industry that's poisoning the air for all of us. It's disgraceful that we're all just ignoring his connection." 

Reality check . . .

KC Chiefs fans probably don't care about saving the planet given that Arrowhead's parking lot is filled with some of the biggest gas guzzlers in the metro. 

However . . . This eco-fact check does offer a glimpse that this town's favorite baller isn't exactly an environmentalist given his affiliation with this high-carbon-emission industry. 

Now . . . Take a peek at biz hype touting the Mahomes investment . . . 

"That’s why Patrick Mahomes invested in Airshare, a Kansas City based company. Airshare works like a sort of “Uber for the rich” as Mahomes can call a private flight from anywhere at anytime to take him to whatever city he needs to be at.

"Mahomes signed the deal, and he’s thrilled to be part of such a company. He’s very happy with the service he’s been given even when he’s pushed the company to their limit.

'“I put a lot of pressure on [Airshare] sometimes,’’ Mahomes explained. “Same day stuff. It makes it hard on them sometimes, but that’s how life rolls sometimes. They make it happen. There’s never a point where I’m in trouble or get stranded somewhere I don’t need to be.’’

"Mahomes is also planning to use the jet to study film transforming one of the several airplanes he has at his disposal into a film room to completely concentrate on the game."

As of 2020 . . . Airshare promoted the involvement of Mahomes and he's still prominently featured on the company's website as of this writing.

Accordingly and to put this all in context, we share a peek at the broader private jet controversy confronting a host of celebrities across the world . . .

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