Kansas City Chiefs Preseason Success Proves They Don't Need Tyreek Hill?!?

Once again, preseason interviews feature confident quotes from the team that might or might not hold up once NFL games start for REALZ

Remember . . . Ahead of last year's season . . . Mahomes was caught talking about an undefeated Cheifs team.

Now, here's the team and fans claiming that they can do without the fastest man in the NFL . . .

In the end, the Chiefs made the decision to look toward the future and the Dolphins gave them five more draft picks to make it happen. Now, Hill is in south Florida turning heads not only with his speed but with plenty of controversial quotes about his former team, his new quarterback, and more.

Given that Hill made it to the Pro Bowl for every single season he was in Kansas City, it stands to reason that he will be missed. For sure, his singular presence on the field will be missed, but quarterback Patrick Mahomes doesn’t seem worried at all about the team’s ability to win without Hill on the field in 2022. During a recent interview with Sirius XM, Mahomes stated why he was bullish on the team’s chances going forward.

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Patrick Mahomes: Andy Reid is why Chiefs won't sink without Tyreek Hill

Back in the spring, the blockbuster trade that sent wide receiver Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins took everyone by surprise. That also includes the teams involved. The Chiefs were reportedly well into contract negotiations on a new long-term deal for Hill when things took an interesting turn within the open market.

Chiefs-Commanders rapid reaction: the preview of life after Tyreek Hill continues to look good

So much of the national narrative surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs' offseason has been what life would be like after wide receiver Tyreek Hill. With Hill's departure, there have been hot takes that the conference was no longer Kansas City's to win - even though the team has hosted four straight title games.

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