Kansas Abortion Vote Recount Was An EPIC & Costly Waste Of Time

It didn't change anything . . . And if we can believe MSM news reports (we can't) . . . Then some guy just maxed out his credit cards for no good reason. 

Again . . . The reality: 

Single-issue voter in Kansas killed the "value them both" effort. Even worse . . . The GOP is clearly losing control of population centers in Johnson County, Wichita and even Topeka. Dominating rural districts is a losing game because EMPTY ACRES DON'T VOTE. Make no mistake . . . Kansas remains solidly GOP-controlled but we're not seeing a lot of enthusiasm from the establishment party who seem to have trouble energizing their base in an epoch confronting MAGA vs. Mainstream confusion.

For now, here's what we know about the recount . . .

"Kansas voters soundly rejected an amendment to the state constitution that would have stripped away abortion rights. A citizen-requested recount left the results largely unchanged in Johnson County."

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In Johnson County recount, it's still a blowout loss for the Kansas anti-abortion amendment

Voters in Kansas' largest county overwhelmingly rejected an amendment to strip abortion rights from the Kansas Constitution, according to an official recount that wrapped up Saturday. The recount tally still left the measure, which would have opened the door for the Legislature to impose an abortion ban, roundly defeated.

Kansas counties announce recount results of Amendment 2

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Eight of nine Kansas counties that were selected to hold a manual recount of primary election ballots cast for Amendment 2, including Johnson and Douglas counties, announced the results of the recount Saturday, with minimal changes from the initial totals.

Johnson County recount of abortion amendment vote finds difference of 54 votes

The Johnson County Board of Canvassers voted Saturday to accept the recount of the Kansas constitutional abortion amendment on the Aug. 2 primary ballot.

Kansas counties announce recount total of Amendment 2

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - The Johnson County Board of Canvassers voted to accept the recount of Amendment Two on the Aug. 2 primary ballot, and recounts of election results in eight of nine Kansas counties appear to confirm voters soundly rejected removing abortion rights from the state's constitution.

Developing . . .