Johnson County Sheriff Hayden Shares Election Security Insight

Credit to this right-wing blog for doing their homework and actually giving the other side a chance to talk following a golden ghetto progressive feeding frenzy that didn't amount to anything beyond a few breathless blog posts & columns.

Here's the money line . . .

Sheriff Hayden said he offered to have deputies escort the people dropping off empty boxes and picking them up when voting is closed.

“We can’t involve ourselves in the election process .. but we can certainly provide security,'” he said. “That turned into a letter from the attorney … that said that we were trying to insert ourselves in the election — nothing could be further from the truth. All we wanted to do was give people peace of mind.”

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Hayden not seeking to interfere with elections, simply secure them - The Sentinel

Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden being 'stolen,' but much of the criticism seems partisan in nature. Democrats and self-identified Republicans who promote a more authoritarian style of government has been facing intense criticism for an ongoing probe into possible integrity issues in his county.