Jackson County Legislature Considers Local Abortion Rights Referendum

A ballot issue devised by the courthouse might not see the light of day because local leaders don't really know what the outcome will reveal. 

For instance . . . Many parts of Jackson County are resoundingly & surprisingly conservative and have proved as much in surprise votes over the years.

More interestingly . . . The ballot issue DOESN'T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING.

Take a look . . .

Allen Rostron, a professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, said abortion would remain illegal in Missouri.

"It’s kind of an unusual proposal, since it would be an ordinance that really didn’t have any actual legal effect," Rostron said. "But I guess there is nothing that says they can’t have people vote on something merely as an 'advisory' measure, just to express an opinion to the state legislature, for whatever that is worth."

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Jackson County may let voters weigh in on Missouri abortion law in November

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Residents in Jackson County could get the chance to weigh in on Missouri's abortion law in November. Two Jackson County legislators introduced an ordinance Monday to add a question on the Nov. 8 ballot. After the Supreme Court of the U.S.