Progressive Johnson County Suburbs Power Future Of Kansas & The Nation?!?

This morning we have another consideration of future demographics and red state politics. 

Still . . . We stand by our thesis that local suburbs merely represent just another variant of POPULATION CENTERS dominating that the lives of rural neighbors. 

Here's another perspective and more room for debate . . . 

"Both the suburbs and red states are rapidly diversifying. And they are attracting more millennials, who are generally seen as holding more socially progressive views. The fact that the millennial generation is the largest in American history has led some analysts to prematurely proclaim that ‘progressives control the future’. You could see signs of this in the strong vote this week against abortion restrictions in Kansas. This was largely propelled by voters in Johnson County, a popular place for young families located across the river from the core of Kansas City, Missouri."

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Why Suburbia Will Decide the Future

Welcome to the future of American politics. The US population is changing in major ways that will likely alter the balance in politics and economics to the advantage of Republican-leaning red states, as well as suburbs and exurbs across the country. Recent census numbers spell out several critical shifts in the US population.