How Much Will 'Carbon Neutrality' Cost Broke-Ass Kansas City Residents???

Don't worry . . . Nobody is saying.

Thing of it is . . . A small crowd of protesters and the polite chatter of council lady Andrea Bough helped make building, buying and maintaining homes just a bit more expensive for those of us on the lower end of the food chain.

Sadly, here's a progressive argument that totally ignores the impact of higher costs on the plebs . . .

Kansas City is taking steps to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 with a new Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan. It's expected to decommission Evergy’s Hawthorn coal power plant, create more bike lanes, increase tree canopies and much more.

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Kansas City's big swing for carbon neutrality

The Kansas City Council last week overwhelmingly passed the Climate Protection and Resiliency Plan, formed with public input over two years, that will guide the city's future climate policy with a focus on equity. Nomin Ujiyediin speaks with KCUR's Savannah Hawley about why restaurants and utilities initially opposed the plan, and how it could reshape Kansas City.