How Much 'Fun' Is It To Watch Kansas City Royals Constantly Lose?!?

Fan frustration is worsening and we enjoy local sports scribe taking the team to task.

Here's an EPIC rant that debunks mainstream media descriptions of late season outings that haven't distracted from the horrible situation endured by the franchise . . .

"Being called “fun” is almost an insult because it is something you say when you can’t call a team “good,” which the Royals are absolutely not. It’s not the players’ fault the team isn’t good. That’s on the front office and the coaching staff. And if a front office and coaching staff can get away with years of losing without repercussions while their similarly performing peers are losing their jobs, what’s even the point?"

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Losing has consequences everywhere except Kansas City, apparently

If there's one word that the current, August version of the 2022 Kansas City Royals have embodied, that word is "fun." Every night, six or seven rookies are penciled into the starting lineup. Three fifths of the rotation is manned by homegrown Royals starters. The clubhouse is a blast.