Gardner-Edgerton Trans Pronoun Debate Divides Kansas Community

Language, toilets and culture war dominated a school board meeting this week. 

The sordid topics garner a great deal of enthusiasm amongst parents on both sides of this issue who deserve a welcomed distraction form the worsening state of the American economy and the perilous future for their students

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Jeff Miller, a board member, brought up the issue in a July meeting. The policy would also define sex as the “physical condition of being male or female based on genetics and physiology, as identified on the individual’s birth certificate.” It would also set rules on bathroom use and threaten discipline for noncompliance.

Miller prefaced the policy by vocalizing that the district was in need of consistent policies from building to building.

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Gardner families protest proposal to ban trans students' choice of pronouns

GARDNER, Kan. (KCTV) - Parents in Gardner, Kansas, gathered at a school board meeting Monday to protest a proposed policy that would require students and staff to use pronouns that match their individual birth certificates. Jeff Miller, a board member, brought up the issue in a July meeting.

Gardner-Edgerton school board meeting gets heated over proposed pronoun policy

Gender identity took center stage during public comment Monday evening at the Gardner-Edgerton school board meeting over a proposed bathroom and pronoun policy.Gardner already has a practice in place with restrooms for men, women and single-occupant restrooms for trans students or others who want their own space.The public comments Monday were highly emotional.

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