Eternal Kansas City Tornado Season Thanks To Climate Change?!?!

The underlying theme of this report . . . The climate continues to shift and AOC & her homies blame your horrible car . . . But not Talyor Swift's private jet

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Most tornadoes around KC strike between the months of April and June, so the timing was what you’d expect. However, the storm was stronger than you typically see in this area.

“It happens this time of year, but it is unusual to have it happen so quickly without warning,” Miller says. “The overnight timing of the storms can add an element of surprise, even when forecasted ahead of time.”

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Surprise tornados ravaged the Kansas City area this summer-here's what it all means

Around 1 am on a Wednesday in early June, large swaths of south KC were awakened by phone notifications and screeching sirens. The forecast had called for a dark and stormy night, but a tornado warning came seemingly out of nowhere.

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The exact link between tornadoes and climate change is hard to draw. Here's why

subscribe to Short Wave podcast Dozens of tornadoes - including one massive storm that tore through more than 200 miles - struck Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri and Mississippi on Friday and Saturday, killing at least 14 people in four states and dozens more in Kentucky alone.

Can drought and climate change forecast future social unrest?

University of Nebraska researchers want to know whether drought and climate change can predict social unrest. The National Drought Mitigation Center at UNL received a million-dollar grant from the U.S Air Force Weather Agency the help out.Many researchers believe severe drought in Syria between 2006 and 2009 was a factor in that country's uprising and civil war in 2011.But for the first time, Nebraska scientists are looking for proof of a link between weather, climate and social unrest."There's a real gap.

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