Elite Yale Grad & International Power Broker Lucas Kunce Defines Populism For Missouri

The Pentagon clearly has a favorite and a sense of humor.

Here's sympathetic progressive media helping his cause . . . 

“And Donald Trump, I mean, he put the president of Goldman Sachs, Gary Cohn, in charge of our economy. That’s not populism. What they do is divide people based on race, religion, where you come from, in a way that doesn’t give everyday people power. They make sure folks are divided so that they don’t have power as a whole against the system that’s not working.

“And so I just think it’s a tragedy that we give sort of any sort of populist label to these guys because they don’t want to change the system.”

Now 39, Kunce is a Yale grad who joined the US marines, went to Iraq and Afghanistan and worked in international arms control. He’s a persuasive speaker, even over Google Meet, laptop camera on the fritz.

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Lucas Kunce: 'Populism is about everyday people coming together'

ucas Kunce thinks populism has been given a bad name. "It's outrageous," he says, "that people call the Josh Hawleys, the Eric Greitens, the Donald Trumps of the world populist. Populism is about everyday people coming together to have power in a system that's not working for them.