Double Digit Property Tax Spike Hits The Dotte

A conservative blog offers more than a bit of number crunching that shows the cost of living spiking in Kansas.

Check this relevant passage revealing double digit inflation

The average residential increase in Wyandotte County is a whopping 17%, while Commercial and Industrial property jumped 6%.

A Wyandotte County property owner shared the revenue neutral notice sent by the county, which also shows a 13.8% increase for Kansas City, 13.6% for the Kansas City Kansas Community College, a 10.9% hike for the county library system, and a 6% increase for the Kansas City school district.

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Elected officials use residential valuation spike to hide property tax increases - The Sentinel

The Wyandotte County 2023 budget presentation touts a half-mill reduction as property tax "savings" and "tax relief," but in reality, county commissioners are proposing a whopping 13.6% tax hike. Dishonesty of this nature prompted legislators in 2021 to pass Truth in Taxation legislation, which requires elected officials to inform taxpayers of their intended property tax hikes, hold a public hearing, and then vote for the entire tax increase they impose.