Dayton Moore's Youth Movement Effectively Distracts Desperate Kansas City Royals Fans

The front office has managed to survive another season and fanbois offer a desperate narrative to try and make Kansas City's baseball seem interesting and not just an endless cycle of habitual FAIL with only one minor moneyball interruption.

Here's the premise that's somehow more insulting than election season misinformation . . .

It’s impossible to ignore the youth movement happening at Kauffman right now has his fingerprints all over it. This team is a blast, even when they lose games. This past week was a great example. It ended with the Royals losing two of three to the best team in baseball, including a massacre on Saturday night, but it also saw Daniel Lynch and Brady Singer stymie the league’s best offense.

This is the rebuild. Dayton gave us what we wanted. They are playing the kids. His cards are on the table and this hand should be Dayton’s last stand.

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The kids are Dayton Moore's last stand

On May 4th, 2011, the Royals played a baseball game. At the time, they were 16-13, a respectable start for a team with little to no expectation for the season. Alex Gordon was piping hot, honoring his promise to "dominate" that season and Billy Butler was doing Billy Butler things, but the rotation was bad.