Clay Chastain Announces Latest Run For Kansas City Mayor

The most prolific petitioner in Kansas City history and the only guy to ever win a citywide light rail vote announces his campaign plans tonight . . . Check-it . . .

Clay Chastain to run for Mayor because decades of miserable liberal policies have resulted in transforming a once beautiful, thriving and livable City into a violent, traffic-congested and torn up place with a high taxation rate, stalled population growth and too many glitzy projects.

Just like when he was on the City Council for 4-years, Mayor Lucas has been totally ineffective as Mayor of Kansas City. Like most smooth-talking attorneys, Lucas has never gotten his hands dirty, has little experience in life and has no creative ideas of his own to lead Kansas City to a better place.  Any Mayor that thinks a 3.5-mile $100 million per mile streetcar line (for tourists) is where the City's transit focus needs to be, should not be reelected to a second term.
Kansas City is long overdue for a Mayor like innovative electrical engineer who is conservative, competent and experienced in life. Chastain will put the focus back on residents, infrastructure and growing the City's economy and population. At the heart of Chastain's campaign will be the "Green Alternative Transportation Initiative'' he designed. It is currently being circulated and slated to go on the Mayoral Primary Ballot in the Spring of 2023. No one has ever run for Mayor and had their own petition (vision) on the ballot at the same time.  

Chastain's Initiative, the largest infrastructure-improving project in the City's history, will reconfigure Kansas City into a more "Green'', prosperous and transit-oriented City. Chastain's Initiative will impose a minimal local tax hike to leverage upwards of $1.0 billion-plus in federal infrastructure funds to help transform Kansas City into America's new City of the Future. Thousands of new jobs will be created, new affordable housing and economic investments will pour into Kansas City's eastside around the multitude of new "Ultra Light Rail Greenways" crisscrossing that long neglected area of our City.  Union Station will flourish again as a central regional transportation center. A stunning, rapid and cost-effective elevated Monorail will operate from Union Station to the new terminal at KCI Airport and be the talk of the nation. Forlorn Penn Valley Park will be reconfigured into a 146-acre open green space park free from traffic. And, an interconnected network of safe, traffic-limiting Central City Greenways (for e-transit / biking / pedestrian use only) will enable residents to live along the Greenways without having to own a car.

If ever a City was due for a change in leadership and direction, it is Kansas City. Clay Chastain for Mayor because for decades he has proven he cares about Kansas City.


Context . . . Here's part of Clay's campaign platform from 2019 . . .

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