Broke-Ass Kansas Recount Scaled Back

Just as our blog community predicted earlier this afternoon . . . A Kansas recount has been DRASTICALLY CUT BACK WHEN ACTIVISTS COULDN'T FIND THE CASH TO BACK UP THEIR CLAIMS OF VOTER FRAUD.

Mind you . . . Just for context . . . This is the same election wherein Kris Kobach won by a landslide

Fact is . . . The opposition communicated their message effectively and single-issue voters pushed back a poorly thought out ballot initiate.

Here's tonight's update . . .

The Secretary of State's office said a bond of $119,644 has been provided and accepted.

The nine counties can now begin the hand recount of the Value Them Both constitutional amendment.

On Aug. 2, voters overwhelmingly rejected a proposed amendment to the Kansas Constitution that would have allowed the Republican-controlled Legislature to further restrict abortion or ban it. The “no” side prevailed by 18 percentage points, or 165,000 votes.

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Hand recount of Kansas abortion amendment vote will go ahead in nine counties

A recount by hand will go ahead for the vote on the Kansas abortion amendment, although it will be scaled back.The Kansas Secretary of State's office told KMBC that Melissa Leavitt, of Colby, failed to submit the $229,334,35 bond as of the 5 p.m.