Broke-Ass Kansas Anti-Abortion Activists Don't Have Cash For Recount Right Now

In about five hours time will run out for well-meaning Kansas political noobs who are claiming voter fraud without any proof and no money to put where their mouth is . . . Forgive the tough leade, their heart is in the right place but they obviously aren't getting any consulting from people who know the process.

And so . . .

They're ramping up their online fundraising but without an EPIC donor OR, MORE LIKELY, DRASTICALLY SCALING BACK THEIR EFFORT. . . Their crusade might be just another waste of time . . . Even if their credit card antics are interesting.

Here's the sitch right now . . .

"The state's elections director gave a western Kansas woman until 5 p.m. Monday to provide cash, a valid check or a credit card with a sufficient balance to cover the $229,000 in expected costs for the state's 105 counties . . .An online fundraising effort and had received more than $33,000 in donations as of late morning Monday. Records available online from Sedgwick County, home to Wichita, showed the appraised value of Gietzen's home to be less than $47,000."

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Kansas hasn't started hand count of vote for abortion rights

TOPEKA, Kan. -- Kansas hasn't started a statewide hand recount of this month's decisive vote in favor of abortion rights because the abortion opponents seeking it haven't shown that they can cover the costs of an effort that wouldn't change the outcome. The state's election s director gave a western Kansas woman until 5 p.m.

Technicality could stand in way of Kansas abortion amendment recount

TOPEKA, Kan. - A hand recount for the abortion amendment vote in Kansas may be stalled. The woman asking for the recount has until 5 p.m. Monday to come up with more than $229,000 to pay for it. The private citizen who asked for the recount, Missy Leavitt, initially provided money under another person's name.