Amid Kansas City Post-COVID Staffing Crisis: 'Charlie Stopped Hustling'

Recently, our blog community had a great conversation about hiring and right now we want to take peek at how Kansas City's most beloved t-shirt company is working toward a comeback after COVID hard times. 

Also . . . Credit to THE BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS for the very best subject line e-mail we've seen this week. 

"Charlie Stopped Hustling" cracked me up whilst struggling to check on TKC behind the scenes issues. 

Accordingly . . .

Friday's off highlights a focus on worker mental health . . .

After lengthy discussions with the leadership team, CEO Chase McAnulty tested the four-day week this summer.

“It was very 50-50 going into the summer when we implemented this program on whether it was going to work or not,” McAnulty said. “However, we are constantly switching it up to create a culture that evokes happiness while creating flexibility with our staff to protect our mental health.”

Charlie Hustle's leadership wanted to see whether the new workweek would hurt production or revenue. They also wanted to see how employees would adjust to returning to work in the office.

Read more via link to a pretty great paywall report. . .

Charlie Hustle implements four-day workweek after trial run this summer - Kansas City Business Journal

The Kansas City company views the shift as a way to build its culture, especially in the wake of the pandemic. Its 21 salaried associates will have Fridays off, and if work is required on Friday, associates will have flexibility on other days.