Amanda Adkins Earns JoCo DA Endorsement Amid 'Open Border' Concern

Running on the crumbling U.S. border is a smart move for Kansas conservatives . . . It's an issue where they won't be held accountable and voters who take the topic a bit too seriously will be tagged as racist and subsequently ignored. 

Reality check . . . Strict border regulation has been the exception to the rule for most nations throughout the history . . . The most powerful empires never bothered with playing gatekeeper. Even better, BORDERS DON'T REALLY EXIST in any real sense except in the mind of people who value nationalism and law enforcement jurisdiction above capitalism i.e. the more pressing problem confronting most people on the planet . . . Earning a buck.

The "border crisis" is actually a better issue than the economy because NEITHER PROBLEM is going to be fixed anytime soon but the American middle-class will continue to fade no matter who's in charge given U.S. decline that started on the afternoon of November 22, 1963.

Accordingly . . .

We share this campaign blast that's worth a peek . . .


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Amanda Adkins, Republican candidate for Congress in Kansas’ Third Congressional District, announced this morning that she has received the endorsement of Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe.

"I am happy to endorse Amanda Adkins for Congress!” Howe shared. “As your District Attorney, I see the damage that methamphetamine, heroin, and fentanyl have inflicted on our community. These addictive drugs killing our citizens daily are coming across the open Southern border. Ms. Davids and Democratic leadership either fail to understand or fail to care about how the open border is impacting Kansans and damaging our community. If we truly care about Kansans and public safety in general, we should reverse these insane open border policies. Amanda understands this and is committed to ending these destructive policies. For this reason and others, she has my endorsement.”

During his tenure as District Attorney, Howe has overseen a 29% reduction in Johnson County’s crime rate and has launched numerous initiatives to fight against drug overdoses and drug-related crimes in the KS-03 community.

“I’ve known Steve for many years and have watched him work tirelessly to make Johnson County an even better place to raise a family. I share his resolve to keep Johnson County safe by supporting law enforcement officers and cracking down on the flow of lethal drugs into our community. I am proud to receive his endorsement.”

In sharp contrast to Adkins, Sharice Davids has spent her tenure in Congress criticizing the law enforcement officials who keep Johnson County residents safe. Davids has claimed our law enforcement system is “rooted in violence.” She has also criticized funding for a border wall, called for the abolishment of ICE, voted against Title 42, voted against prohibiting gang members from receiving federal benefits, stated that declaring an emergency at the southern border is “dangerous to our democracy,” and believes that “...we have to get away from thinking of everyone who’s coming to the United States as being a threat.”

Developing . . .