Aftermath: Sen. Hawley Vote Against NATO Expansion Stays Losing

His colleagues are taking him to task and the argument against American expansionism and intervention in Europe was settled in Poland on Sept. 1st 1939.

To be fair, here's an extended quote on his thinking . . .

“Expanding Nato will not make America stronger and it will not make America safer,” Mr Hawley said. “What it will do is commit us to sending more troops and spending more money and devoting more resources to Europe, and, frankly, I think that’s the wrong choice. Just look at the challenges at home with our border.”

Mr Hawley’s rhetoric reflects the nationalist, non-interventionist approach favoured by many in a Republican Party still very much aligned with the policies of a former president in Donald Trump, who at one point reportedly considered pulling the US out of Nato entirely.

Speaking to a sympathetic audience in Mr Carlson, Mr Hawley argued that the US should be focusing its foreign policy on a percieved threat coming from China.

“Our number one threat is not in Europe, it’s in Asia,” Mr Hawley said. “It’s China. And right now, we are not where we need to be to protect ourselves from China’s rise, to protect ourselves from China’s attempt to take over our economy, to push us around militarily — we’re not in position at all. So my position is, let’s focus on the things that are really in America’s interests.”

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