Will Rock Island Party Bridge Succeed?!?

The Dotte has a HORRIBLE RECORD for development schemes and this latest venture follows a plan that didn't work in the 70s. 

For nearly 50 years the KC metro has dreamed of "reviving" the West Bottoms and it hasn't EVER worked.

Take a peek at the news plan . . .

The UG has invested $2 million which is expected be repaid through property tax collections and a special sales tax charged on the bridge.

Zeller said construction is expected to start sometime between October and December. He said the project could be finished as soon as next summer since it will take 9 to 12 months to build.

The area will be filled with several restaurants, including Slap’s BBQ — among the most popular barbecue joints in the area.

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Kansas City's Rock Island Bridge project to begin construction as early as October

Spanning both sides of the state line, Rock Island Bridge - a first-of-its-kind entertainment district that will include bars, coffee shops and restaurants - could begin construction as soon as October, the developer said. On Thursday, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas, approved a special use permit for the development.

Wyandotte County officials OK zoning changes for Rock Island Railroad Bridge; Construction set to begin

The Kansas City area will soon welcome a first-of-its-kind entertainment district - on a bridge. On Thursday, the Wyandotte County Board of Commissioners signed off on zoning changes to the property, making way for the construction of the project to begin. Construction for the new Rock Island Railroad Bridge will begin in October.