Whit Merrifield COVID Vaxx Controversy Overlooks Kansas City Royals Front Office FAIL

This counterpoint is tough to get across but I'll do my best . . .

The recent Kansas City Royals COVID vaxx controversy was MOSTLY about baseball and not politics. In the case of Whit Merrifild, the star's hesitancy and unfortunate quote about the team's record merely reflected the shabby treatment he has already received from the organization.

Let's make it even simpler . . .

It seems that working for the Kansas City Royals sucks and it's hard to blame employees for taking some free time by way of skirting a litany of rules. C'mon man . . . This is the same team that doesn't like their players watching pr0n. So a bit of rebellion for a myriad of reasons is completely understandable. 

This column does a slightly better job explaining the sitch with more baseball insider notes:

Despite this, fans feel that Merrifield owed it to his teammates and the city to get vaccinated because it would've shown loyalty to the team. However, it only takes one trip in the way-back machine to realize that Merrifield only repaid the Royals with the same type of respect they showed him early on. Before everyone goes back to going after Merrifield, take a moment to examine the evidence below.

It's easy to think that Merrifield was this highly regarded prospect that was here to help carry the Royals through a rebuild. In actuality, he was never supposed to be a major contributor and the Royals valued the development and playing time of several other players ahead of him.

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Whit Merrifield Owes the Royals Nothing

Unless you've been living underneath a rock, you're aware that the Kansas City Royals made the trek to Toronto with nearly 40% of their regular roster "MIA" because of their vaccination status. This calamity has allowed the rest of the baseball world to get in a couple of well-placed jabs.