TKC Fact Check: Kansas City BBQ Snub Hopes To Distract Stupid People

A quick reminder because it seems everybody is still too hungover to remember . . . 

- Kansas City suffered more than a dozen shootings and a quadruple murder spree over the 4th of July weekend.

The KCMO homicide count stands at 77 which is tied with last year's killing pace at this date on the calendar -- The 2nd highest total in local history.

- KCPD confronts a staffing crisis and at any given moment the smallish number of cops on local streets is terrifying . . . Some patrol districts can get down to a single digit car count. 

- Illegal fireworks burned down at least a couple of houses on the 4th and nobody bothers to obey fireworks laws. Across the nation it was hard to distinguish betwixt fireworks & gunfire. 

- Let's not forget a LADY VOTER REVIVAL IN ORDER TO FIGHT FOR ABORTION - Whilst we're accustomed to women screaming in our direction . . . So much advocacy in service of baby death is kind of a bummer for anybody who can see the big picture. 

Accordingly . . .

In much the same way that the politics of victimization threatens to fundamentally transform the U.S. Constitution and single-issue female voters will lead the way toward this brave new world . . . This cowtown will defend our BBQ honor down to the last fetus.  

Here's a peek at the damage . . .

"LawnStarter released its “2022’s Best BBQ Cities in America” study last week, ranking 200 cities based on access, accolades, and quality of barbeque. The study gave St. Louis the best overall score (49.41), edging out Kansas City (46.45) as the nation’s top spot for barbeque."

Sure . . .

An I-70 rivalry sounds fun but this is stupid.  

Of course we love KC BBQ . . .

But it's also fair for local news-watchers to get salty and become embittered when the MSM attempts to distract us.

Sure, the story seems like harmless & fun junk content but over the recent news cycle we've heard this news story blasted repeatedly as a matter of civic pride and rallying cry for local unity.

Whatever works . . . I guess. 

It would be nice if we could all agree on safer streets, less corporate welfare and more political accountability . . . But, tragically, it seems that are sugary BBQ sauce has inspired far more interest and agreement amongst the plebs who are seemingly willing to swallow almost anything.

Read more via link . . .

St. Louis tops Kansas City as best BBQ city in US, study says

ST. LOUIS - The Gateway to the West might also be home to some of the best barbeque in the nation, a new study suggests. LawnStarter released its "2022's Best BBQ Cities in America" study last week, ranking 200 cities based on access, accolades, and quality of barbeque. The study gave St.