Stacy Lake Challenges Jackson County Exec Frank White To Debate

The Kansas City League of Women Voters scheduled a debate for Tuesday and invited all of the Jackson County candidates to a attend; challenger Stacy Lake was the only person to show up.

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We all know the Exec is horrible when it comes to public speaking but this note offers an important perspective on what's at stake when the public depends on elected officials who are seemingly out of touch.

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Stacy Lake Challenges Frank White to a Debate

"Frank White's refusal to debate is not only disrespectful to the League of Women Voters, but to women organizations and to Jackson County Residents everywhere. Especially, during this time where support for women is more critical than ever. 

This refusal is part of his pattern of running away from his constituents’ issues. Frank White ran away from residents' concerns over the 2019 property tax crisis, but also from the concerns of the mismanaged budget and lack of leadership over the years. 

Frank White does not want to be confronted on his biased, flawed, and targeted 2019 Property Tax Assessment, his misuse of millions of dollars of Government Funds, and his complete apathy towards the well-being of Jackson County Residents. 

Folks, we might have another property tax crisis in 2023 that will be worse than 2019. His actions show that he is not proud of his record, that he is aware that he has a bad record; and most importantly, he is not running on any known policy. Frank White has not shown up for this debate, did not show up for Jackson County Residents during the property tax crisis, but I will show up for our community. 

In light of the County Executives unwillingness to debate on the record, I am calling the Jackson County Executive out for a one on one debate to show who is the best candidate to lead Jackson County on the democratic side."


The candidate offers more detail and insight that we'll link here via embed. . .

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