Show Trial Social Media Lulz Target Missouri Senator Hawley Over Running Man Clip

Tonight's political theater and midterm election online bullying takes aim a Missouri's right-wing leader.

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Here are the basics in a clever story designed by K streets and carried out over your phone . . .

Twitter users had a field day with Sen. Josh Hawley's cameo role during Thursday's January 6 committee hearing.

The committee showed the now-infamous photo of the Missouri Republican raising his fist in solidarity with protesters gathered outside security gates as he walked across the East front of the US Capitol from a safe space behind barriers.

Then, they showed a video of Hawley running away after the protesters he helped rile stormed the US Capitol.

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Twitter is running with Josh Hawley's solidarity fist and flee moment during January 6 hearing

The Jan. 6 committee showed the photo of Sen. Josh Hawley raising his fist in solidarity with protesters. Then they played a video of him running from the protesters he helped rile. Twitter users had a field day with chicken, Forrest Gump and running gifs, some set to music.

Republican Josh Hawley fled January 6 rioters - and Twitter ran with it

The House January 6 committee on Thursday played Capitol security footage which showed the Missouri Republican senator Josh Hawley, who famously raised a fist to protesters outside, running for his safety once those protesters breached the building. It prompted a flurry of online memes ridiculing Hawley fleeing from the very people he had earlier encouraged.

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