Show-Me Uproar Over Arcane Missouri Preggo Divorce Rules

The fine print in family court law is always messy.

For instance . . . Most clueless dudes don't know that a divorce will basically doom them to poverty for the rest of their lives.

Similarly . . . 

This week there's outcry amongst Missouri progressives over a significant inconvenience that threatens to delay prospective hookups of recently divorced ladies but, apparently, provides ample proof of Red State lady persecution.

Life is give & take. 

Check-it . . . 

"According to the American Pregnancy Association, a non-profit focused on reproductive health and pregnancy wellness, Missouri is one of four states (along with Arizona, Arkansas, and Texas) where courts will not grant a divorce if the woman is pregnant.

"It’s state law, covered in Chapter 452.310 of Title XXX, under “Dissolution of Marriage.” When a person files a petition for divorce (be it the husband or the wife), they must include certain information in their paperwork – eight items specifically. Item five specifically states the petitioner must identify “whether the wife is pregnant.”

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Pregnant Women Can't Get Divorced in Missouri

December 2020 was a turbulent month for Danielle Drake, 32, of Lake of the Ozarks. On December 1, her husband said he was going out with a friend, but he lied. He was actually having an affair. She filed for a divorce less than a week later, on December 7.

Can pregnant women get divorced in Missouri?

ST. LOUIS - Nearly every morning, our staff will check Google Trends to see what people are searching for in St. Louis, Missouri, and beyond, or potential story ideas. On Thursday, we discovered a lot of people were searching to see if pregnant women could get divorced in Missouri.

Pregnant in Missouri and filing for divorce? It can't be finalized until the child is born

In Missouri, the law requires that a petition for divorce list a handful of things, including whether the wife is pregnant. That's not so unusual, but with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, claims have been circulating on social media that a divorce can't be finalized while one party is pregnant.

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