Show-Me Subtle EV Boom For Missouri

There's overwhelming hype about the future of electric vehicles in Missouri and across the nation.

However . . .

In an otherwise effusive report . . . This state doesn't seem to be setting the world on fire . . .

"U.S. Department of Energy data shows that Missouri had 10,050 registered electric vehicles at year-end 2021. New EV purchases now account for about 4% of sales, up from less than 1% just a couple of years ago."  

Whilst we won't doubt the future of electric cars . . . For now they're nothing more than toys for rich people and the sales figures for battery operated "adult pleasure products" are actually more robust.

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Soaring Gas Prices Put a Charge into Electric Vehicle Sales - Flatland

Despite recent declines at the pump, this year's surge in gasoline prices continues to send tremors through the economy. One consequence is the growing popularity of electric vehicles. In Missouri, the average gallon of gasoline was $4.37 on Wednesday, less than the national average of $4.63, according to AAA.