Show-Me Kunce Claim Of Campaign Progress

Rather than pick ANYBODY WITH POLITICAL CREDIBILITY IN THE SHOW-ME STATE. . . The Missouri Democrats believe the voters demand a contest betwixt former military hotties. 

Whilst the disgraced Missouri is a renowned "hot date" and always packing heat . . . The progressive option is described as "folksy" and square-jawed like some b-list addition to the Marvel movie franchise.

More to the point . . . Our political elite clearly think the electorate isn't much smarter than readers of Teen Beat and have adjusted their campaigns accordingly.

Check-it . . .

"We started 20 points behind Eric Greitens, and in a Republican poll a couple months ago, we were just 1.9 points behind him," Lucas Kunce bellowed at a midday rally last month in scorching 100-degree heat during a swing through the state's rural southeast Bootheel region. "And that was before the child abuse and spousal abuse allegations came out."

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As Greitens drama roils Missouri GOP senate race, Dems seen gaining ground

PERRYVILLE, Missouri: As allegations of domestic abuse against the already scandal-ridden GOP front runner Eric Greitens roil the Republican field, things are looking up for Democrats in Missouri's wild race for the U.S. Senate.