Show-Me Hawley Vs. Corporate America?!?

We're always a bit skeptical when politicos claim that they're willing to abandon their main funding source.

Still . . . Here's a glimpse at the Missouri leader making his pitch . . .

"After Dobbs, the alliance between social conservatives and neoliberal corporatists in the GOP is over. Look no further than mega-corporations caving to the far-left and offering to cover all abortion-related expenses for their employees," Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri said in a statement to CNN.

"Republicans ought to focus on pro-family policies to support mothers and their children, not corporate welfare for big business and the ultra-wealthy," the senator added.
The abortion-related travel benefits have quickly captured the attention of Republican critics of companies engaging in fraught political issues. They see it as another hostile move against social conservatism by boardrooms across America, saying it is part of a larger trend of companies becoming more amenable to progressive causes and political activism. And after years of promoting corporate tax cuts and subsidies that benefited big business and kept industry money flowing to the GOP, voices like Hawley's are growing louder across the party -- especially among Republicans with leadership or presidential ambitions.

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Abortion-related company benefits are deepening the GOP rift with corporate America

A push by major US companies to help employees gain access to reproductive services following the US Supreme Court's ending of federal abortion rights has rankled prominent Republicans and could deepen the GOP's disaffection with corporate America as the party finds itself on the brink of winning back the US House this fall.