If readers REALLY want to be informed about the Missouri primary . . . Then we suggest they follow John Combest and read his latest column on the contest from a decidedly cynical and insider perspective. 

He generously offers some great deets . . . Heck, he even found a cringe-y photo of the K street favorite in short shorts for Pride Week.

Best of all . . . Our blog community earned a quote in this EPIC SCREED which offers more insight than anything you'll read via mainstream media . . . Take a peek . . .

No, most Missouri Democratic primary voters are not Trigglypuffs. Many are working people who wear unironic trucker hats and Walmart jeans (phrase copyright in the early 2010s, I think.) These men and women don’t start conversations by declaring their pronouns, but they value openness and tolerance and don’t delight in wealth-shaming or gotcha questions about “gender identity.”

Read more via link . . .

Opinion: How to earn an election silver medal (without really trying), Part 2 by John Combest

Since you are running in an unwinnable district, you likely didn't face primary opponents. This shouldn't keep you from congratulating yourself on election night via "press release" and social media posts, with the stiff-upper-lip promise that "now the real campaign begins."