Show-Me Drinking Water Drought Danger For Kansas City?!?!

Brit comedian did a worthwhile rant about this topic a few weeks ago . . . And now local scribes dutiful follow-up HBO research.

Here's the most concerning passage from an overall EXCEPTIONAL write-up . . .

"Low water levels could also affect the Kansas City drinking water supply. Bartels estimates that about ninety percent of the drinking water in the KC area comes from the Missouri River. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has also issued a report warning that certain water demands could not be met long term, especially in drought conditions."

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Drought conditions along the upper Missouri River and heavy rain along the lower Missouri make for a situation where 'anything could happen'

For the last two years, drought has plagued the upper Missouri, an area including Montana, Nebraska and the Dakotas. Currently, seventy-nine percent of the entire Missouri River Basin is in drought, including areas of Missouri and Kansas.