Show-Me DHSS Passing The Buck On Abortion Regulations After SCOTUS Crackdown

Putting lawyers, lawmakers and maybe even police in the doctor's office is a tricky biz.

Check this state agency taking a hard pass and avoiding a great deal of political fallout . . .

The department said it does not have the ability to determine if a termination of a pregnancy is legal or not, nor does it have the ability to provide guidance to medical professionals on what is and is not legal. Instead, the department pointed to state statutes.

A previously-passed abortion law in Missouri triggered into effect last month upon the United States Supreme Court’s ruling overturning abortion protections found in the Roe vs. Wade case.

The law bans nearly all abortions except in cases of a medical emergency.

We've asked questions about this to our blog community . . . Some of the answers have been smart but most are clueless . . .

What is a medical emergency?

What constitutes "irreversible physical harm" and who would make that determination??? 

Again . . . Most of the laws have little medical input or mechanisms for oversight.

For instance . . .

At some point doctors, lawyers, politicos and, again, maybe even law enforcement will have to determine IF MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES QUALIFY AS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY FOR WOMEN SEEKING ABORTIONS. 

That's a TRICKY for strangers to determine and it opens us state agencies to a LEGAL NIGHTMARE in oversight and regulatory language. 

I'm sure smarter people than TKC will figure it out . . . But to deny the complexity of the legal fallout from the SCOTUS decision and the tidal wave of upcoming challenges is only an option for armchair hack pundits who only want to win social media debates and don't really care about the laws which cover this controversial, highly politicized, tragic & barbaric medical procedure.

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Missouri releases updated FAQ on abortion facility regulations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Wednesday, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services released a one page document it hopes answers questions regarding the department's regulation of the state's abortion facilities.

Developing . . .