Sen. Ted Cruz Denounces 'Gotcha Politics' But Giggles At Sen. Hawley Running Remix

Let's share a quick dose of political reality . . . Republican unanimity is a myth and this quick tidbit reminds us that so many GOP leaders are racing to be the next boss regardless of what might be best for the party or the nation. 

However . . . We're somewhat surprised with the quote from Senator Cruz . . .

"I think it's Democrats and the corporate media trying to play gotcha politics," Cruz told Insider at the Capitol on Tuesday. "The Capitol Police evacuated the Capitol, and so Josh left the Capitol, as did the rest of us."

"I'll admit — some of the Twitter folks setting it to music and the like, certainly worth a chuckle," he added. "But it's cheap, gotcha politics."

Asked what his favorite song might have been, Cruz initially demurred before saying that he was "partial to 'Chariots of Fire.'"

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Ted Cruz calls the video of Josh Hawley fleeing the Capitol on January 6 'gotcha politics' but admits it's 'worth a chuckle' when set to the 'Chariots of Fire' theme song

Cruz has long insisted that he isn't watching January 6 committee hearings. But Cruz, an avid Twitter user, did watch the video of Josh Hawley fleeing the Capitol after it went viral. He called it "gotcha politics" but said a version of the video set to the "Chariots of Fire" theme was funny.