Raytown Mini Goat Push Moves Forward

The most absolutely adorable thing to ever happen in this embattled suburb continues to make progress and might spark an influx of new residents just to be near these cutesy critters.

Check-it . . .

According to the city’s website, Raytown’s Municipal Code does not currently allow miniature goats. However, it does allow horses, chickens, and potbellied pigs depending on the size of the land.

However, Planning and Zoning Staff created a draft ordinance that would change that and allow miniature goats in the city.

The draft ordinance would allow for two miniature goats per acre of roaming space.

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Raytown residents share thoughts on potential of allowing miniature goats in city limits

Miniature goats were the topic of discussion in Raytown's Planning and Zoning Commission work meeting Thursday night.According to the city's website, Raytown's Municipal Code does not currently allow miniature goats.