Postmodern Gender Bending Pride & Prejudice Debuts In Kansas City

Forgive the creative note . . . The description of this upcoming work seems neat even if the creators are missing the point. 

NOBODY watches or reads Jane Austen garbage because it's relevant to the world around us . . . It's solely the domain of white ladies so they can fantasize imagine that a legacy of romance is eternal across the ages . . . This is a much nicer idea than coming to grips with the unseemly fact that dudes will use all manner of fancy language to get "elbows deep" into a consenting fair maiden . . . AND, ANNNNND . . . Ladies often desire something classy to consider before enthusiastically going ears over ankles.

And so . . . This performance ditches the British accents and all the stuff the plebs love about this work:

As (KC Native Sam) Wright started transposing the story, he says the character dynamics and situations quickly fell into place as a parallel to what’s happening in America today. “No matter how many times we tell the story of Pride and Prejudice, we’re trying to tell a story about ourselves right now.”

Prejudice and Pride introduces Bennett Longborn and Ms. Darcy Fitzwilliam’s, the gender foils to Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. As his family struggles to save their farm, Bennett explores class inequalities, political instability, and gender roles in America. He soon meets Ms. Darcy, the inheritor of the media empire Pemberley Studios, and those familiar with the Jane Austen classic can probably guess what comes next.

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MTH's Gender Swapped Pride and Prejudice Offers New Perspective on Modern America - In Kansas City

In 2016, Kansas City native Sam Wright was playing the banjo for fellow playwright Nicholas Collett and his wife, Lorraine Collett, when Lorraine pitched the idea for the playwriting duo to write a country western version of Pride and Prejudice, "I even have a title for you," she told them.