Port KC Almost Explained

We like a pay-for-play website explanation of local finances and think it's cute . . .

Until now TKC figured that Port KC served as a pool of endless treasure for sketchy developers funded by a sea of taxpayer cash and offering absolutely no accountability from pirate politicos. 

Here's the official explanation . . .

Port KC is a public organization, with its board members appointed by the Kansas City mayor, and it was established by Missouri to manage economic development within Kansas City.

Despite leading massive development projects — including an upcoming 420-acre Missouri River Terminal planned near the confluence of the Missouri and Blue rivers, estimated at $500 million — Port KC is relatively unknown to the average Kansas City resident.

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What to know about Port Authority in Kansas City

Port KC’s primary role for several years has been to oversee the development of the 45-acre Berkley Riverfront, which it owns. Its mission is to turn the former dumping ground for coal sediment and building materials into a vibrant neighborhood.