Politico Claims 'Regressive Politics' Chases Young People From Kansas

An upstart politico offers an interesting theory about the NEXTGEN moving out of the Sunflower State.

There's no data to back up his claim other than the fact that Kansas has always been a beautiful place to leave for more economic opportunity. 

Also . . . Blaming weed laws might've been more interesting . . . This rant doesn't seem as hopeful.

Check this story from earlier in the week that we finally had time to check . . .

“What drives me crazy being in the Kansas Legislature is the hypocrisy that we always hear where legislators are like, ‘Why are young people leaving Kansas?’ And then all of us say, ‘Regressive politics,’ and then they just ignore it, and then continue their attack,” Democratic State Rep. Rui Xu said.

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Kansas House Democrats: 'Regressive politics' drive young people to leave the state - Kansas Reflector

Xu, of Westwood, joined two other House Democrats - Christina Haswood, of Lawrence, and Brandon Woodard, of Lenexa - in a Kansas Reflector podcast to discuss what it is like being a young representative, running unopposed for reelection, and prevalent political topics.