Newsflash: Rep. Billy Long Knows How To Separate Politics From Personal Life

This gossipy tidbit published today in the Kansas City Star gives us newfound respect for a Missouri politico.

It's ALMOST as fun as when he started doing his auction routine amid D.C. protest.

Check the money line . . .

"Rep. Billy Long and his family co-hosted my same-sex wedding shower in 2018. However, he refused to be in any pictures with us. My family disinvited him from the wedding. Shortly after, Long invited my wife and me to lunch. We reluctantly accepted, mistaking it for an apology."

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Missouri's Billy Long voted no on gay marriage. He hosted my same-sex wedding shower

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Rep. Billy Long recently said, "I act the same when somebody is watching or somebody is not watching." Days later, the U.S. Senate candidate and my family "friend" of 20-plus years voted against protecting my family's right to marriage with the Respect for Marriage Act.