News Link Harvest: Kansas 'Value Them Both' Abortion Ban Vote Preview

As we slouch toward election day, it's important to share some of the best reporting and insight on a life & death decision for the Sunflower State. 

As always, we try to present info from both sides . . . But the reality is that progressive media is making a full court press on this topic and they're "reporting" is far more substantial.

Still . . . We'll do our best to give an overview of how this election looks going into the weekend . . .

Western Kansas offers a glimpse of what an abortion ban might look like for Kansas City and Wichita

HAYS, Kansas - The westernmost abortion provider in Kansas sits in the eastern half of the state - in Wichita. So for someone in Hays or Dodge City, it takes more than two and a half hours to drive to the nearest clinic.

Americans Generally Support Abortion Access, But A Vote In Kansas Has Exposed How Protecting Reproductive Rights Won't Be That Simple

In the weeks since the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, Republican lawmakers in more than a dozen states have moved swiftly to eliminate or severely restrict access to abortion - even though most Americans believe the medical procedure should stay legal.

Kansas nuns oppose state abortion amendment, challenging archbishop

Two Kansas nuns are voicing opposition to a proposed abortion-related amendment to their state's constitution, despite its support by the local archbishop. The nuns argue that the measure, if approved, would have negative repercussions for women and allow politicians to "impose religious beliefs on all Kansans" by passing restrictive abortion bans.

The big upcoming vote on abortion rights in Kansas, explained

Next week in Kansas, abortion rights will face the first test at the polls since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade . In 2019, Kansas's Supreme Court ruled that the state's constitution protects the right to an abortion.

Kansas Will Be the First State to Vote on Abortion Since the Fall of Roe

Next week, Kansas voters will be the first in the nation to decide whether their state protects the right to abortion since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June.

Jewish leader shares perspective on Kansas abortion amendment

Next week, Kansas will be the first state in the nation to vote on abortion restrictions since Roe v. Wade was overturned. While some Christian groups lead the charge for "yes" on Amendment 2, other religious leaders are voicing their own opinions.

Kansas attorney general's opinion criticized as spin to promote anti-abortion amendment

Derek Schmidt issued an attorney general's opinion that said tighter abortion laws would not outlaw procedures to end medically dangerous pregnancies. But abortion advocates say the opinion is designed to build political support ahead of a statewide vote on whether to allow for tighter abortion rules and a possible ban.

Ad check: Looking at 'Value them Both' and the funding driving the messaging

As Kansans head to the polls on Aug. 2, one major issue has all eyes on the center of the country: Abortion. Kansas Amendment 2 will be the first public vote on abortion since Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court in June.

Kansas Considers Post-Dobbs Constitutional Amendment on Abortion | National Review

Kansans will vote Tuesday on a proposed constitutional amendment declaring that the state constitution does not protect a right to abortion, marking the first such ballot measure to come to voters since the Dobbs decision.

Kansas to vote on abortion in primary: What to know

WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 - (TOPEKA, Kan.) -- When Kansans head to the polls on Aug. 2 to vote in their primary election, they will also decide on a critical ballot measure that could impact the future of abortion legislation...

Volunteers on both sides of Amendment 2 canvas in Kansas ahead of Election Day

OLATHE, Kan. - Ahead of the Aug. 2 Election Day, one race many are looking forward to is Amendment Two, better known as the Value Them Both Amendment in Kansas. Volunteers on both sides of the aisle are busy canvassing as they head into the final weekend of campaigning.

Kansas abortion amendment: How we got here

Kansas is the first battleground. Voters here go to the polls Aug. 2 to determine whether the Kansas Constitution should preserve a right to abortion upheld by a 2019 Kansas Supreme Court ruling.

These Kansas City Chiefs are campaigning for Kansas abortion vote. What they're saying

The primary election is a few days away, and abortion rights are on the ballot in Kansas. Kansans will vote on an amendment that would remove the right to abortion from the state constitution, and a couple current and former Kansas City Chiefs are running anti-abortion ads in hopes of influencing voters.

The Value Them Both Amendment does not Value a Mother's Life

If the Value Them Both Amendment passes, politicians in the Kansas legislature will be able to outlaw medical procedures necessary to preserve the health of mothers. The specific words of the Value Them Both Amendment, HCR 5003, suggest that the Kansas legislature does not have to allow abortion to save the mother's life or already remove an unviable fetus.

July 29, 2022, Editorial: Aug. 2 election will shape our communities for years to come

Whether you live in Kansas or Missouri, you have important decisions to make on or before Aug. 2. This year's primary features statewide, regional, and citywide races to elect lawmakers who will shape the future of our communities for years to come.In Missouri, a key race is the U.S.

At least 43 abortion clinics shut in month after Supreme Court overturned Roe, research says, with more likely to close

At least 43 abortion clinics have shut their doors in the 30 days since the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, according to new research.

What's at stake in Kansas next week

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