New Normal: Kansas City Confronts 'High COVID Transmission Levels' Yet Nobody Seems To Care

Go ahead and try to shut down local biz . . . Until there's a zombie apocalypse . . . Which might not be far away. 

What's obvious on local streets is that both progressives & conservatives have run out of f*cks to give about the pandemic. 

For those who are immuno-compromised or have underlying health consolidations (far more people than anyone realizes) this means extra precautions and realization that public concern has been far too politicized for many people to show compassion. 

Reality check . . . The numbers are, in fact, rising and this merits concern . . . But realistically, the fading economy won't allow for any more changes to daily life.

Here's a bit more info . . .

All countries remain at “high” transmission levels, which means that your risk of catching the highly contagious BA.5 variant in public is elevated. While local experts hope that infections will begin to stagnate, case numbers in the metro are the highest this week that they’ve been since the omicron variant surge.

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'Good news and bad news': Doctor on what to know about BA.5 and BA.2.75 omicron subvariants

The omicron subvariant BA.5 now makes up more than half of COVID-19 cases in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the subvariant accounted for nearly 54% of infections across the country last week. The closely related BA.4 variant makes up about 16% of cases.

Kansas City COVID cases highest since omicron, hospitals feel strain of BA.5 variant

For the first time during the most recent pandemic wave, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has classified all five counties that make up Kansas City as having "medium" community levels of COVID-19. This means that the healthcare system is feeling the strain of rising case numbers.

Johnson County, KS joins area counties now in medium COVID-19 level

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Johnson County, Kansas, became the latest county in the Kansas City area to reflect an uptick in COVID-19 levels. In Thursday's COVID-19 Community Levels map from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Johnson County joins Wyandotte County in the medium or yellow community level.

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